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Mission Statement

Bizi Kidz is committed to providing your child with a safe, nurturing, & fun play environment, while providing high quality childcare & excellent customer service.” 


Bizi Kidz is North Carolina's premier hourly drop off childcare facility. Bizi Kidz provides parents with the ability to drop off children ages 1-11 for 15 minutes or up to 4 hours, with no reservations. 

We keep clean and safe facilities, where children can play while parents work, run errands, go shopping, have dates, or just need some much needed time off. 


We are well loved by parents

"I really feel like Bizi Kids has made my life so much less complicated and more enjoyable as a Mom to know that I have help when life or work stuff comes up." - Parent

"When I moved to the area, I didn't have any family in town and Bizi Kidz has become the family support I needed. If I have a Dr.'s appointment, need to run to a meeting, or have a date with my husband, I know that I always have childcare. I use to spend so much time texting sitters to see if they were available, but now I know I have reliable and fun childcare for my daughter without having to manage any sitter schedules. My husband and I go on more dates now because we can decide last minute if we are feeling up to going out. Sometimes my girlfriends and I will drop all of our kiddos off together so we can have a lunch date." - Parent

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